Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I can do anything

I'm glad that you are all enjoying these photos! Today Jack and I worked to get the electrical connections for the RV completed. I did a part of it that was for me a big deal, and I have to give you a little history here:

Back in June of 2007, Michael and I were heading out to go to the east coast in the little Navion. We stopped at Camping World in Greenwood, to get the wheel covers with their braided valve stems, and we were very happy with these.

Well, while we were there, we shopped around at the Camping World store and I found a plug replacement for the 30 amp plug that is on the RV. The problem with the one that was on there is that it's hard for me to pull it out of the box, when I'm leaving a campsite. Click this link and you'll see that the one that I wanted has a handle, making it far easier to pull out!

Well, Michael told me that I couldn't get it, because I wouldn't be able to install it, and his hands were too shaky at that point. I still wanted it, but held off on getting it.

Fast forward. I was down at Camping World here with Jack and Kathy a few weeks ago, and asked Jack if I'd be able to install that plug. He looked at it and, with a "sure you could, heck yes" expression, asked me why I'd ask that. I told him that Michael had said that I wouldn't be able to do it. I bought the plug.

And today, while Jack was working on other things, I read the directions and did the installation of the plug.. all by myself. I cut off the old plug. I cut back the black insulation. I stripped the wires to the appropriate lengths. I wound the wires around the appropriate screws and tightened them. I put it all back together. I plugged it in. And it works! :)

I feel like Michael reads my blog; he always did read it. I hope that he is reading this and sees that I actually DID that. Of course, I feel like Wonder Woman!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Catching up a little

Guess what? I've done many things which I have not talked about! And I've taken probably a thousand pictures which I have not posted! Some of the things that I've done have been amazingly fun, and a few of the photos are actually good.

This posting is an attempt to catch up a little on just a few of the photos.

Eric took these at the Desert Museum on 2/3:

These were from the Agua Caliente Hill hike on 2/5. That, recall, is the hike when I became dehydrated and sick:

I shot these at the Reid Park Zoo on 2/7. This is an anteater and the 2nd picture is of an otter:

These were from the Rodeo Parade yesterday, on 2/23. There were 900 horses in this parade, and this 2nd photo shows just a few of them:

And here, at long last, are photos of the deck Jack and I have built. Note that the top of the bar is not done yet in these pictures, and it is not done yet in real life, either. The RV will be moved up from where it is here, so it'll not be quite as close to the deck:

Yesterday I went up to Casa Grande and spent the day with Matt. He's going to be accompanying me to the big dance here next weekend. We had a great day, with him teaching me some dance steps (he's a dance instructor), going on a tour of "his" little lake, having lunch, and then doing more dancing. What fun! I hope that more dancing is in my future!

Today I went with a group of friends to the rodeo! We saw bucking broncos, women riding horses standing up, bull-riders, calf-roping, and lots more. This was my first rodeo, and I hope not my last. I bought a cowgirl hat which I'll show you in a future photo show.

Our weather the last couple of days has been delightful, with highs in the 70's, blue skies with high cirrus clouds, and lovely sunsets. Ok.. now I'll post this!