Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter was blessed and wonderful for us. I had really missed Easter (and Christmas) in the time that I was married to Michael, because he and his family didn't celebrate those holidays. Easter, in particular, was one that he did not like.

For us, we went to our church's sunrise service at 7 am, and then to the pancake breakfast afterwards. Next, while I was at choir practice, Jack went to get Mary and took her to her church and came back just in time for our church to start up at 10. Our choir sang and the service was good.

After church, we went to get Mary and she took us and Joe and Kay to the Sheraton's buffet dinner. We enjoyed a sumptious feast with good conversation. Mary shared many memories with Joe and Kay. She's been friends with them for over 60 years!

Today was a bit back to real life, with Jack and me working on the materials list for the deck, and going around pricing things. I'm beginning to rethink doing the entire deck in Trex, after pricing that stuff. Lowe's offers a single 20' 2x6 at $50. One board for $50. And, of course, I will need many boards. ;) I'm thinking about making just the octagon part in front and the steps out of Trex and doing the back part with plywood covered in dark carpet. Many people here do decks with plywood covered in carpet; they hold up well, and people are happy with them. That would save me a few hundred bucks, which I could use for solar lights on my deck posts! :)