Friday, June 10, 2011

Project Progress

Jack and I are still progressing nicely with the deck and skirting for my new cottage in Tucson. We have the foundation of the deck built, the steps finished, the OSB boards installed around the perimeter of the cottage and the deck, some of the faux stone installed on the front of the skirting, and about half the deck Trex installed! Woo hoo! Yeah! I can actually walk out my french door and stand on something solid!

We continue to have little adjustments to make, due to things being unlevel when we assumed that they would be, learning curves for these new materials (the faux stone mostly), and things that we have to order which take longer to arrive than we think that they should. But it looks great and I'm well-satisfied with our progress. My design, Jack's engineering, my materials control, and both of our prowess with the power tools -- formidable!

The weather's been fine. While it's quite warm these days (over 100 for about the last week, with high 90's for 3 weeks now), we stay well-hydrated, take some breaks, and pace ourselves. We have stopped guessing when we'll be done, but are hopeful that we make it back to Michigan before the snow flies there!