Friday, November 19, 2010

Photos from Texas

Here are some of the photos I took at the Texas State Capitol, in Austin, Texas on Monday. The first one is the inside of the rotunda dome. The last one is the Texas State Seal on the floor of the Capitol building.

We drove today to Willcox, Arizona -- a short drive, but one that leaves us an even shorter drive tomorrow. I like to arrive "home" early in the day, since there is so much to do on arrival day.

When we arrived here in Willcox, we unhooked the car and drove her into town. We went for a walk, covering many of Willcox's streets, exploring the historic downtown, and scoping restaurants! We had an early dinner at the Big Tex BBQ, which is situated in an old train car! Good food and a nice time. Tonight we're chillin' in the RV, messing with photos in Photoshop, and not paying much attention to the TV, which is playing comedy shows.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're in Las Cruces, NM!

This is a door from Fort Pulaski, near Savannah, GA.
There is a saying that, for me, seems particularly apt:
     The sun is riz.
     The sun is set.
     And here I is...
     In Texas yet.
But today, after being in Texas for almost a week, we crossed over into New Mexico! The drive was long (for us) but easy. I drove about 3 hours, and Jack drove about 2. Over the past few days, we've seen the bayou land turn into Texas high-desert with its mesquite, creosote bushes, and yucca.

On Tuesday, we drove to Comfort, TX, near Fredricksburg. Right after we checked in, we drove to Fredericksburg and spent the next 4 hours visiting the World War II Pacific Museum. It was fantastic! Very well-laid-out, and much to read and learn, and some cool artifacts to peruse.

We returned to Comfort, and had a most enjoyable evening there. After a good brisk walk, we drove into town to see what it was like. By the time we got there, it was quite dark, but, even in the dark, we could tell that something was going on! People were everywhere, and parking spaces were at a premium. Hmm... We parked!

Ladies at a table along the street offered us free Mimosas. Other ladies offered us cookies. I like this! What it was, was Ladies Night Out -- a chance for Comfort's ladies to go out for snacks, shopping, and dinner. Jack was one of just a few estrogen-challenged people, but we tolerated him quite well.

Wednesday morning, we drove on to Fort Stockton, TX, where we met Val and Chas at the little cafe which is part of the campground. Nice people, and we quite enjoyed talking with them. They invited us back to their RV, and we shared a glass of wine.

The campground tonight is La Hacienda RV Resort, which is not quite as great as it used to be. This year, they informed us that they've discontinued the fabulous breakfast that they used to offer free. They've also stopped giving out USA Today newspapers. In their defense, they did cut the price $5, but that doesn't cover the amenities they've cut. We'll likely shop around next time we come through here.