Thursday, December 16, 2010

If you're following my blog...

... I hope that you'll also click on Ann's Adventures, over to the right under My Friends Blogs. Ann's a friend of mine who's usually in Tucson in the winter. She's living with cancer for now, going through chemo treatments and all that brings. Her spirit is just FUN through all of this, though, and I know that she'll inspire you as she does me. Have a look.

Today I had FHTV choir rehearsal, and that was even more fun than usual. I really am enjoying the songs that we're doing and having Julie as our leader adds to the fun.

I had a few errands to run, so got that done. Then it was back home to change clothes to go out again! I'm not sure why I'm so concerned with having a nice cottage here in Tucson, since I'm so rarely IN it!

This evening, Jack and I went to dinner at Little Anthony's (we need to go there more often!) and then to the Gaslight Theater for their Christmas program. It was really good and all at our table had fun! We sat with Donna and Edna.

And today we got RAIN! It's been raining steadily now since about 4:30. This is the first rain that Jack and I have seen since... Acadia, I think! It sort of felt good to be out in it a bit. It's a little chilly today, too (55 now, in the evening) but it's going to warm up again and be nicer tomorrow. That's enough winter for me! ;)