Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Lights

We got our Christmas lights put up in front of our cottage, and they look festive! We have a string of green and a string of red, and we've run them together, wrapped around the left steel agave and the bottom of its pot, over across the front of the cottage, and then wrapped around the right steel agave.

We also set up our little tree in the living room, right in front of the sliding door. (We don't use the sliding door for in- or e-gress because I don't think that they can be securely locked without a bar. So I installed a secure bar -- the screw-in kind -- and we use our back door and deadbolt.) We have a few things under the tree and it is just beautiful.

Tonight we went to a Christmas concert put on by the Tanque Verde Valley Singers, and it was great. It was at our church, with cookies afterward and they were plentiful and delicious.

Yesterday, we went to the play at the Gaslight Theater. It was good, getting everyone in the holiday spirit with laughs, a cute play, and singing along.

We're still enjoying our Wii. I recommend that YOU get one of these, whoever you are! It's a way to play games and get OUT of that chair. You can play tennis without having to put on one of those silly tennis dresses or drive out in the snow and ice. You can bowl, even if you can't lift those heavy balls. It's amazing the way the thing knows what you are doing, and can help you to be better.

We got a couple more games for it today. Jack got a WWII flying ace simulator, and I got a skateboard simulator. We also got another fitness coach disk.

Happy Hannukah to all of my Jewish friends and family! :)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Happy Day!

It's a happy day, but it is chilly! I guess our 55° compared to Big Rapids' 28° with snow.. is pretty warm, but it feels raw and cold here. At least we don't have much wind here today.

Last week was good. On Wednesday, we went out to dinner with Scott and Susan, and that was fun. Oregano's always has good eats, and this was no exception. We even got ours free, along with a free dessert, because we had to wait (a while) while they redid our dish. (It was served to us cold the first time.) Anyway, it ended up delish and we all had a nice time.

Thursday evening, we went to see Willie Nelson in concert, and that was great fun. We drove down with Harold and Kathy, and Rob and Ione took a van-full, too. He sang all the good stuff, along with new things. He's incredible. What a load of energy!

Saturday began with my going to the church for a ladies' brunch. The meal was good, the company was fantastic, and we did a gift exchange, which was fun, too. People got to "steal" other people's gifts, if they saw something that they wanted. The gift that I brought was stolen 2 times. :)

It was at this brunch that I talked to Susan (don't know her last name) and she told me about her Wii. Her enthusiasm for the thing was so convincing that I decided that this would be our Christmas gift for each other. So I picked up Jack and we headed out to Best Buy. We got the Wii Sport and the Wii Fit, along with the appropriate remotes.

Yesterday was good. We started the day going to the clubhouse for the music program (Christmas carol singing) and then we went to church and the potluck which followed. Even with us both working on our weight, we decided that one all-you-can-eat per week is ok. I'd brought my "glop," which is a dish that mom used to make for us. It's hamburger fried up with onions and garlic, drained, and then stirred together with tomatoes, tomato sauce, and macaroni. Although we brought a crockpot nearly full of it, we had none left.

We're having lots of fun with the Wii! We have not explored the Fit end of things, but we've enjoyed playing tennis, golf, and bowling! It's pretty easy to learn, and the feeling of play is very realistic.

We've been keeping up with our daily walks (since 11/20) and I expect that soon it'll be a real habit again. We're going to go do that now, in fact!