Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

1/1/11! I rang in the New Year without a midnight kiss, but that was ok. I had a good day yesterday and a good one today, so who needs a kiss to punctuate things? (Me! LOL!)

I went to the clubhouse last evening with Jack to the potluck supper. I brought my salmon and penne casserole. There was lots of food, and, even being the last table to be served, we still got plenty.

After dinner, we opted to go to the dance over at Mary's. They had a band which played till 8:30. We danced, drank champagne, and enjoyed hors d'oevres, all compliments of Broadway Proper. At 8:30, the band played Auld Lang Syne, and everyone sang. Very fun evening.

We had started to watch the "ball drop" show on Mary's TV, but we decided to finish watching it at Jack's. But, by the time we arrived there, the show had ended and news was on. Sheesh. So I came back home and read till midnight, at which time, I fell asleep. This was a better New Year's Eve than I had expected it to be!

Of course, I can't let a New Year's Eve pass without remembering December 31, 1982, the night that Michael and I were married. Twenty-eight years ago.

It continues cold today, and I'm hopeful that it gets warmer before long. We have friends who are stuck in Flagstaff in snow!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pitter Patter

That's the sound of rain falling on my aluminum awning. It's a peaceful sound and I'm sure that I'll be sleeping well tonight. :)

Christmas was wonderful here. I went with Jack to church, first to our own, St. John on the Desert, where we were part of the play. It went swimmingly, though there were a few forgotten lines and missed cues. It was ok, though. People got the point!

Next we went to the Desert Skies Methodist Church, where Mary goes. She didn't go with us because it was too late, but we enjoyed the bell choir and all of the wonderful music, as well as seeing the people we know there.

Christmas morning, Jack came to my house and we opened presents together. Both of us got neat things! He got me pyjamas with feet, which are perfect for Tucson's cool winter nights.

Then we set about preparing for our feast, each at our own houses. I had some things to do to ready the house, since we had it here -- getting the leaf into the table, arranging furniture a bit, .. that kind of thing.

The food went in on time, we had the appetizer table all set up and all was ready when our guests arrived. Pam, Mike, Valerie, and Bruce came, and we all enjoyed a festive time.

The last few days have been full, as well, with after-holiday errands to run, as well as just some fun post-Christmas shopping. I found some cool trivets which will go on the wall at my new cottage. That's my main find. Mostly we just look around. I'm in the market for a new TV for my new cottage. I'm going to get one that's big enough to view from across the room without my glasses -- probably a 37-40".

That rain's starting to put me to sleep, so.. off I go!