Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Been Busy!

Yes, we've been busy! Doing what? Well...

Sunday was supposed to be their last day here, but it came and went and they had not been able to get all moved out. Monday they called again and they had filled their 26' U-Haul and had more stuff than would fit into it. They would have to make another trip.

Tuesday morning we got a call that they had moved all out at 2am. So Tuesday was our day! We drove the RV over there, leaving Paris Park with mixed feelings. She'd been good to us! We off-loaded the contents of the RV fridge into the new house fridge, called the power company to be sure that our power would continue, but in my name, and just kind of walked around a bit in the house. We kept Eddie in the RV. Then the VanDries folks called to tell us that they were on their way with our mattresses and TV! Delivery went swimmingly, and then we looked at each other and said, "Let's go to Indiana!"

We drove down there in Jack's van, leaving Eddie behind to guard the RV. We didn't want to dump him in the new house without our being there. He had been comfy in the RV for months now, after all! The drive was easy, and Steve had dinner ready for us when we arrived. :)

Wednesday morning, we got up early, picked up the 26' UHaul, and then drove it up to Gerdt and Kirk, picking up the furniture that they had for us. Back to Annette's and we loaded up all the boxes and the furniture that I'd had in Bloomington, and the new stuff that had been delivered from Kittles. The truck was packed and the piano went into Jack's van. (Legs unscrewed!) Finally, Annette could put her car back into the garage, and her walk-in closets upstairs were full. The dining room was free of all my stuff!

And Thursday morning, we left for our new home with the UHaul and the van. We got back here and off-loaded most of the things on Thursday. We got our mattress for our room set up with a mattress pad and our Travasack from the RV, so we could have a place to spend our first night in the house. Boxes went into the garage for the time being, and the lighter furniture came into the house. We put together the Ekornes recliners and tried out the TV. Nothing yet, but then, we don't have our Dish Network set up, no cable, and not even rabbit ears.

Friday morning, we awoke early after our first night in the new house, and enjoyed the sunrise through the fog on the Muskegon. Lovely. Now, to work! Jack went to his men's group meeting while I got ready for the day, and started deciding where I'd put things. And just then, the delivery people from Klingman's called. They were on their way!

Soon they had our TV console, the guest room bed, and the screen-room furniture here and set up. Just after they left, Jack brought Gary back, and the two guys off-loaded the rest of the furniture -- the heavy stuff! With the LR couch, the LR was starting to look like a real room! And the downstairs game room was looking fine, with the new Century table and chairs!

The rest of Friday passed in a blur, with us working to unload boxes and just tidy things up. And we went to bed early because...

Saturday, we got up early and drove to Lapeer, Michigan, over on the thumb side, where Jack's cousin lives. All of her daughters were there, and Jack's two brothers were there, too! We enjoyed a great meal and a fine time was had by all.

Saturday evening, we drove up to Birch Run, to the Super 8, where we stayed the night. Sunday, we found a wonderful little church in Birch Run. The pastor was celebrating 20 years with that church, and it was a happy time.

Then, we did some shopping at the outlet mall and got back to our new Paris home just about the time darkness fell. We put more things away, including the new things that we'd found at the mall.

Monday, we went and got more things that we needed for the household -- a lawnmower, for one! And we put away things. And did some laundry.

Yesterday, we had our first dinner guests! Linda and Michael had called wanting to come and help us unload things, so we cooked! I made Fettucini Milano, a pasta concoction with sausage, garlic, green onions, green peppers, parsley, and herbs. A green salad and garlic bread finished off the meal, and Linda's delicious raspberry pie and cheesecake topped off a wonderful day!

So here we are and we're both just tickled with this house and the life that we're putting together here! And I WILL be posting photos very soon!

It is starting to get cooler here already, though, so we are starting to think about heading to AZ. We had a frost here a couple of nights ago, though it is still very nice in the daytime. I have to say that I really don't want to even think about leaving!