Friday, August 13, 2010


... miles per gallon! That's what I got in my Honda Fit on my Indiana trip. :) I left on Monday, driving to Avon for dinner with Annette and Steve. I left there and drove on down to Bloomington, to Suzanne and Mary Elizabeth's house. Tuesday morning, Suzanne and I went to the Indiana State Fair.

Although it was the hottest day of my life, it was still a fun time. I bought a sheepskin to go on my piano bench, and it's beautiful. We had the usual delicious fair food, including a corndog, King Taters ribbon chips, and ice cream. We enjoyed the Home Arts Building's exhibits of needlework, photography, and other art.

Wednesday, I did some errands, checking on my Bloomington money and getting some things at the mall. Then I went out to Lennie's for pizza with Carla and Roy. It was great to see them and to get all caught up.

Thursday, I met Ann and we went out to lunch. Again, it was wonderful to see her and to see her feeling so good. She's had some bigtime back surgery and is doing much better!

After our lunch, I went on up to Avon, to spend a bit more time with Annette and her family. They are all staying together at Lisa's, while Lisa's and Annette's new houses are being built. It's ... hectic... there, with three small children and, when I was there, 5 adults! But we had a great dinner and it was fun to be with the kids.

Jack's been having a wonderful time in Hawaii with his family and I miss him fiercely. I just talked with him on the phone and he's at the Maui Airport, waiting for his flight to Chicago, which leaves soon. I can't wait to see him!