Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another first

Tonight I did a big thing. I had my first dinner out alone as a widow. I went to one of those all-you-can-eat places and it was kind of fun. I did imagine that everyone was watching me, though. It was as if I had a spotlight on me. It did make me mind my manners! LOL!

I've been feeling lots better this week, plowing through things that I need to do. Today I wrote a pre-trip checklist. I went to get my signature notarized on an important document and got it sent back to my financial wizard. I went walking with Maddy on the Clear Creek Trail. I got some email cleared out.

Oh, and I got the gate fixed! Ann gave me the name of a company in Plainfield who had done work for her sister in-law. He came, he saw, he fixed! And now the gate works swimmingly. Trevis was full of praise for Michael and how well he had kept the thing going all these years. I was very proud. He also showed me how to lubricate the parts that need to be lubed every 6 months, and so I can theoretically do that myself now. I think that I really could do it, too.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Good Day!

I had a really big weekend. Saturday morning, I worked on the Memorial, saving songs to my computer, and working on organizing them. That was really uncomfortable, and I cried the whole time.

Annette came down in the afternoon and she helped me to clean up most of the crap in my office. She took charge, telling me what to file where, getting folders set up, and she addressed envelopes and I wrote checks (to people who needed checks written!) She called some people to find out the status of my accounts. It was extremely helpful, just jogging me off center a bit and forcing me to get through that important stuff. We also found my quarterly estimated tax stuff and I got the September payment out. We had lupper at DQ and laughed. Fun time.

Yesterday (Sunday), I had a breakfast meeting with my lawyer. It was pleasant and she is going to set up the newspaper thing for the estate legal whatever thing that they have to do.

After that, I went over and got Ann and we went up to Keystone at the Crossing. We shopped! And I found some cool clothes, some of which I'll be wearing on Sunday at the Memorial. I'm going to be wearing pants. Everyone's told me that I should, since that's how I'm most comfortable. We had lupper at Shapiro's and then dessert at Handel's!

Annette's work with me gave me courage to call all the life insurance companies, and I did that today, getting those balls rolling. I also called and got online, ordering some things that I want for the RV.

Oh.. and I took the RV out for a drive today! I drove it to Bedford, went to Applacres, and got cider, peanut brittle, and a caramel apple. :) It was a great day and I had a good time. On the way back, still in the RV, I stopped at the bank and changed the accounts to just my name.

Tonight I had the delicious Shapiro's leftovers -- orange roughy, little potatoes, and spinach. Great day!