Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Fine Day

What a fine day this was! It began with the pitty-pat of rain on our roof, and that's always fun. But then, it cleared out, leaving us with a cloudy day, but dry.

I used my day to work on clearing stuff out of the master bedroom at Jack's house. I filled 9 bags for Goodwill and 3 bags of trash, just from the stuff on the floor. Tomorrow.. the bed and the closet! Oh.. and the laundry.

While the job is daunting, I am hopeful that it's going to get done. This is because I'm doing the big part of the work by myself. Jack's just too emotionally wrapped up in the house and he has a hard time getting rid of things. If the bags are closed, however, he has no trouble hauling them down to the car!

I am well-suited for this job, because, while I care that his ex and his family get the things that are meaningful to the family, and I care that Jack keeps the things that are truly meaningful to him, I also see that not everything is meaningful, and not everything is useful. And, even useful things are not always practical to keep. For example, how much of a person's storage space should be allocated to bandaids? Do we have room for one box? Well, sure. But two? ...Thirty? So I keep one and give the other 29 to Starburst.

So, in this process, Jack is able to help others with his gifts. And I'm helping others, too. And I'm helping Jack. And I'm feeling good to find floors and walls and furniture under the mounds of excess.