Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ypsilanti, MI

I got up this morning at about 7. Took care of the pets, and myself, then spent the next hour and a half (yes) getting set to go, pinning things down, tidying things up in the house, dumping my tanks on the RV, and unhooking everything. I checked the pressures in the tires (all good) and wiped down the hoses as I stowed them. Michael would have been proud.

I managed to get on the road at 9:15 am, with my breakfast cereal in a cup in the cupholder, and a bottle of water beside me. The day was hot till afternoon. I stopped only twice the whole way -- once at Flying J just south of 465, to enjoy a fillup with $4.61 diesel; and at the Delaware County Rest Area, along I-69.

While at the Rest Area, I took Maddy for her maintenance walk, and then we did our fitness walk around the grounds. 4 laps gave us 20 minutes, and that sufficed today, as hot as it was. My plan was to return to the RV, turn on the genny and then pump out some AC while I ate my lunch. To my dismay, however, the genny did not start! The inside temp was 83, and my own personal temp was... higher than that.

I opted to grab a bag of snacks and another bottle of water, and just use the dash air as I dashed on up the highway. I put on Sirius Roadhouse on the radio and really liked that.

I wonder if it has ever occurred to anyone else that in John Denver's "Back Home Again," that line "the fire softly burning supper on the stove..." is funny?

I arrived at the KOA Greenfield/Detroit, which is actually in Ypsilanti, at 4:30, just as the GPS had predicted. It's raining here, the camp is pretty muddy, fires are softly burning everyone's supper, and kids are running around everywhere with innertubes.

But the coolest thing is that Dave, Kelly, Liam, and Josie are coming over to get me to go have dinner! YAY! (Wren is at a party tonight.) Gonna go finish getting ready!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paper Clips and Plans

Becky and I went to campus first thing this morning and she took photos in the Old Crescent as Maddy and I did our walk. We checked out Paper Clip Bend, leaving a paper clip there -- one that Michael had dropped for me along the street ydy.

After returning Maddy home, we enjoyed a great lunch with Suzanne at O'charley's. I had the loaded potato skins. Mmm.. someday I'm going to have to start caring about my diet, I suppose. Then Becky headed down the highway back to Louisville, and I came back here. We had a really good time together -- lots of laughs!

The guy came to decide what of my stuff the St Vincent DePaul people can use for a donation, and they are going to take the stainless steel bakery table as well as all the desk pieces from my office. I'm going to take $1500 donation value for all of those things.

The same guy is going to give me an estimate on painting, so that I can feel like an informed consumer when I give DL the work. ;) I'm in the process now of choosing colors.

The mover guys are coming tomorrow to get my Load 1 stuff, which will go to Annette's. Some of this is for when I have a house, and the rest is for Annette to just have to furnish her beautiful new house! :) They're going to pack stuff up tomorrow and then deliver it to Brownsburg on Friday, I think.

I have to get the leak fixed on the RV pretty soon, to ready myself for.. a road trip! I don't quite know when or where, but.. there will be a road trip! The leak is not really IN the RV, so it doesn't bother me like the leaks of the past, but it does look like I'm sitting in a pond outside, so I have to get it fixed.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today Becky arrived, after spending the weekend partying with her class reunion. I took her the quick tour of the house and we caught up on the gossip till it was time to go.

And go we did... to DL's for her cookout chillout. Nice party with cool people and we had great eats and a fine time!

The house is coming along still. I spent a few hours this weekend working on taking off switchplates in the house and pulling furniture away from walls, readying the place for painting. I did some vacuuming too, cleaning dust off the walls. Urk.. I can't believe how dirty some parts of my house were.