Friday, May 15, 2009

Waseca, Minnesota

On Wednesday, Jack and I drove up to Waseca, MN from Forest City. The drive was easy and lovely, except for some rain along the way. We arrived in the early afternoon at Kiesler's Campground, a pretty place on Clear Lake, just east of town.

Robert came to get us, and we had delicious pork roast with him and Molly at their house.

Thursday morning, we slept in some and then went for a walk alll the way around Clear Lake, about 4 miles. While the day was lovely, it was very windy, and the wind chill was into the 30's. Brrr! I was happy to have gloves. Then they came at 10, just as we were finishing breakfast. Off we went to the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.

The Conservatory was beautiful, with gorgeous gardens, mostly indoors. And here's a little petunia bouquet for you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Visiting the Mother Ship

A gray day today at Forest City, Iowa. We arrived here yesterday afternoon and got parked in the lot outside the Visitor's Center, here at Winnebago Industries. This is where Michael and I came 2 years ago to have a few things fixed on our new Navion. This year, the only thing that I could think of to fix is that one of the blind end-caps was gone, and I bought a new one to replace it.

We walked into town and made it back to Ruby just before the rains came. It's poured off and on ever since. We played Mexican Train dominoes -- all 12 rounds! Fun! We didn't keep score, because Jack hates to lose. ;)

In a moment, we're going to head out to the factory tour in the driving rain. I think that'll be a fine thing to do in the rain!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Beautiful Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and Jack and I spent it here in Dubuque. We began the day going to Grandview UM Church. It's the same one we went to last August when we were visiting here. Nice church.

We came back, changed clothes, and then we were off to son in-law Jack's parents' house in Farley, IA, just a few miles up the road. All of Jack's sibs were there with their families, and the mood was festive. Terese and Dan had a lunch for us, there was golf on TV, and we played some poker. Here are Michele and Jack's children, Matthew and Katherine, playing in the backyard:

We stayed much of the afternoon, and then we were off to Dyersville, Iowa. Does this name ring a bell? If you said "Field of Dreams," you'd be right! :) We stopped and took a few photos, before heading out to dinner at the Olive Garden.

Here are a couple that I took at Sandstone Gardens in Joplin, MO:

Iowa countryside ... and an emu: