Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day in Tubac

Today our hiking club went to Tubac for our annual pilgrimmage. We park in Tubac and hike the historic Anza Trail (about 3.6 miles) to a great Mexican restaurant near Tumacacori. The place is called Wisdom's, and if you've been to visit me here, you've probably been to Wisdom's!

After we ate, we arranged for drivers to be shuttled back to our cars, we came and picked up our riders, and we were off!

Next, we went shopping in the quaint artsy shops, perusing metal art, jewelry, wood carvings, neat tiled things... all manner of cool things. We shopped for about an hour and a half, before heading back up north. We had Robert and Mike along as our passengers. They're lots of fun, so we laughed a lot!

Last evening was our ballroom dance class, and we learned the cha-cha and the waltz. Jack and I did very well, earning "You've got it!" from our instructors at least twice!