Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!...

... and that's all I'm going to say on that topic for now! Those of you who know me know that I'm up to something. And I hope that you'll keep coming back here to see what it is. I'll tell you about it soon!

The house is coming along. Here are some photos of the deck and house before anything was done, and while things were getting going:

Jenny (back to us) and Diane:

And here's DL:
Here's the deck after it was washed:

The deck looks great, all washed and now stained in a rich walnutty color. And here are some after shots, so you can decide for yourself:

This is the little step deck around back:

I could seriously not be happier with the work that Diane, Jenny, and DL did on it.

I've been very busy, experiencing feelings from the title of this post. Fourth of July was fun. Annette lives in an area that must be unique in the number of fireworks displays nearby, because, every direction you looked, you could see something going up! I took a large load of things up to her house to put into storage, and I just have one more load of boxes.

The rest of the stuff that needs to go is furniture. I've divided the furniture into two groups: the group that's staying till I sell the house, to show people what the rooms are for, and the group that's going out of the house before I show it, because it's just too much. I'm giving Annette some pieces, and she's keeping some for when I have a house. :)

And here are a couple of recent pics of me. The first is at the top of the Tanque Verde Ridge Dome, and the 2nd is at the Tulip Trestle: