Monday, July 18, 2011

Still in Tucson

I know that I've been remiss in posting. I would vow to do better, but you wouldn't believe me anyway. ;)

We're having a good time here in Tucson. We've been working on projects and here's what we've accomplished:

  • My deck is done and is beautiful.
  • My skirting (made of faux stone) is done and is beautiful.
  • The inside of my cottage is lovely, furnished, and is a great place to live.
  • I have some beautiful new patio furniture and an outdoor heater.
  • Jack's ceiling is done in his cottage's bedroom, and it's splendid.
  • Jack's cottage is neat and clean, and is the process of becoming organized.
  • My 206 cottage, which I'm going to be selling, now has new flooring.
  • The carpet is ripped out from the bedroom in 206 and we're getting set to install new.
  • We moved furniture into 206, so that we can sell it furnished.
  • We have procured some neat decorative items to "stage" 206, and are in the process of placing these items. This included some fabulous finds and the place is going to look wonderful.

I've come to the conclusion that, for both Jack and me, home improvement is a hobby. Ever since the frequent furniture rearranging that Annette and I did as children, I've been a home improvement freak. So, consider it normal that I look around this beautiful cottage and see more things that need to be fixed up. I do. :)

So... are we going to stay here all summer? Are we going to fly back to the midwest? Are we going to take a long RV journey? Stay tuned to find out!