Thursday, May 27, 2010

For Becky

From someone whose middle name used to be "Creativity," it may not seem like such a big deal. But I felt inspired this evening, and did a little art. This is for Michael's beautiful sister Becky, who is dying after a long struggle with ovarian cancer, and now lymphoma, a result of the long periods with chemotherapy. Becky always did read my blog, and I am sure that she will continue, along with her brother. I love you, Becky! Today we drove down to Highland Ranch to visit with John and Marian, friends of Jack's from many years ago. They are really nice people, and we both enjoyed the visit. The drive was pleasant, as well, down 470. Pretty scenery and gorgeous weather.

But I am feeling sad tonight and wishing I were with Becky, Angie, and George..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun day in Arvada

Today we worked for just a bit, getting the wood scraps taken out to the trash, bringing the deck furniture out, and helping to clean it up. After we got the deck looking pretty spiffy, we all went off in search of cushions for the deck chairs. A cushion specialty place on Broadway wanted $99 *each* for chair cushions. We laughed. We left. We ended up finding some nice ones at Lowe's, for $25 each.

We ran some other errands, went for lunch at a forgettable Mexican restaurant, and then came back here to enjoy a beer on the new deck with the neighbors.

Oh, and I talked on the phone to several people, in regards to the estate stuff. The lawyer is now wanting me to sign onto 8-9K worth of service, which I don't believe that I even need, now that I have my letters testamentary.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Deck is finished!

Cactus in bloom in Tucson, just before we left: The deck in Arvada is finished! :) Today the last of the balusters went up onto the railings. We did the posts and railing for the steps. And we built an 8' bench. Of course, this was Jack's project. He designed the thing and created it. I was basically Stepp'n' Fetchit, although I did screw deckboards on, cut and drilled all the balusters, and did lots of measuring, leveling, and plumbing of boards. It's good to have it done, and I'm eager to get on to other pursuits, including creative ones of my own.

One thing that I'm trying to do is to fix my own website, I have been unable to upload to the server, and I can't figure out why. That's the really basic thing. I'm working in Dreamweaver, which is not the software in which I've built the site. (GoLive by Adobe disappeared, and was replaced by Dreamweaver.) And I've never troubled myself to learn Dreamweaver. But I want to. I want to update all the stuff on my site, make it in CSS (whatever that is), and give it all some new art.

Additionally, I want to update my tutorials, to add some new ones, do some exciting new art that's been playing in my head, and just update the feeling of my site.

But first I have to figure out just how to upload simple changes, like... getting my banner to show up again on my tutorial pages. :/

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feeling better

Today I'm starting to feel better. It still hurts some when I swallow, particularly drinks (water's the worst!), but I can tell that I'm doing better now. I am never going to go off that antacid again. The pain is just that horrible, and I don't want to risk it again.

The deck is coming along very well. Today, we put in the vertical posts for the railings. Yesterday, we finished screwing in all the deck boards. Steps are done. It looks great and it should be done in a few days.

We went to the same church today, and it was good. They had a performance of the bell choir, and it was fun.

Arvada, Colorado weather has been splendid, and we've been having fun, actually, putting John and MaryAnn's deck together. :)