Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Making a List and Checking it Twice

... and, while most of the people on my list have been naughty, I hear that Santa will be visiting them! I did some ordering today (finally!) and Yay! Shipping was free for me.

I just went to track my desk order, and it's "in fulfillment," meaning that, at this point, the order cannot be cancelled! :) I'm so stoked and ready to have my new little desk!

Jack and I had a little shredding party today on his deck, shredding a liquor-sized box of old documents that needed to be shredded. This translated into two giant trash bags of shredded paper!

This morning, Jack went for a walk, and I stayed in and did Dance Dance Revolution. It'd been awhile since I'd gotten on that and it was still fun!

I have a new idea for my website redesign, so ... stay tuned. I've been threatening a redesign for ... uh... 7 years that I know of, so let's not any of us hold our breath, but just know that I'm thinking along these lines. Is it possible, after all this time, that the creativity is coming back for me?

Monday, December 17, 2012

All is cool...

... in Coolville! It has actually gotten a bit cooler here over the past week. This morning it was in the low 40's and my neighbor said that there was frost on his furniture outside. Light jackets get us nicely through the day, though, and the pool is still seeing visitors!

I did order the little desk http://www.computerdesks.com/computer-desks/rectangular-desks/bushbrandywinepulloutlaptopdesk.cfm . It's supposed to come on the 21st, and then I get to put it together. I've built many Bush desks, though, so I'm thinking that it will be straight-forward. ;) I brought my desk chair in from the shed and got the spiderwebs knocked off. Now I'm getting used to having it in the room, so that the desk will be less of a shock. Wow... we do hate change, don't we? LOL

Jack and I went with some other friends to a Thai Buddhist Monastery here in town for a buffet dinner of delicious Thai food. It was a really fun evening! We've been to several other holiday sorts of parties, too. It's challenging to keep the nutritious food coming, and the less-nutritious food from getting into my body, but I'm managing. I'm keeping my weight stable still.

To help with the fitness goals, I'm doing plenty of good exercise. I really love the Wii Zumba, which we're doing every M, W, and F at 6:20am. After that, we do a really good Strength and Fitness class with Greg, and then normal walking and whatever. The other days, we do either Zumba or walking. I have not missed a day of exercise since 10/25/11. I still recall fondly the 7.5 years that I went walking every day without missing a day. That ended in March 2009 when I broke my ankle on a hike.

Our choir in church sang a sort of difficult song, and we pulled it out. I was really concerned when I heard us in practice before the service, but ... LOL even the men came in when they were supposed to. I love singing. :)

I've also been playing my little penny whistle, and enjoying that mightily. I have a little book with Irish tunes in it and I'm coming along at mastering them. I basically rock, where music is concerned. ;)