Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watercolor Painting and other stuff

Last Thursday and Friday, Jack and I took a 4-hour watercolor painting class! The focus was on just learning to draw and then to paint with watercolor... and specifically how to paint botanical subjects. What fun it was! We learned to draw shading of leaf veins, and how to shade more darkly or lightly. And then we learned to paint -- something that I'd not done since elementary school. Here's my watercolor-painted pepper:

Then on Saturday, we went to a Homecoming Parade Party at Doug and Pat's, and that was really fun.

Luanne and Dan asked if we wanted to go to the game, and.. sure! Off we went! I looked spiffy in my Ferris State sweatshirt and the new "Imagine More" Ferris State button that I'd collected at the parade, and the spirit was in the air. Winning wasn't in the air for Ferris, though Wayne State played an admirable game.

After a speedy walk back to our van (at Doug and Pat's) we came back, took Chuck out, and headed off for a Chinese buffet supper with Luanne and Dan. What a fun day, and a great evening!

Sunday we went to church, then breakfasted (just us) at Bennigan's. While their breakfast was officially over, they fixed us our own breakfast, and it was great! People still smoke in restaurants here, which is annoying and needs to be fixed, but I'm hopeful that happens soon. In the meantime, we just ask to be seated as far as possible from the smoke, and that usually is ok.

Then we went to Meijer to get supplies for my Apple Crumble. I made it for our contribution to a benefit dinner that night at the church. Not only was it fun, but we raised a bunch of money!

Walking has been good, with mostly days in the 50's. I most enjoy walking along the river, where I shot those photos from my last posting.

Today the sky is crisp and blue, and the van is at Chrysler, getting its power steering fixed, so Jack and I are taking care of business concerns at home today.