Saturday, April 11, 2009

A day at LaMesa

LaMesa is our RV dealer where we picked up the new little Navion. Yesterday we arrived there at 8:00 to get the valve stems replaced. Xavier was in charge of taking her to the tire place, where they had to put something solid into the tires so that the steel valve stems would go.

Hours later, we found out that they didn't have the part that they would need, but they were going to do something else. Another few hours later, they didn't have it ready. Another hour or two, and it would be back in half an hour. Finally at about 3, we saw her pull in. And the valve stems were not done yet. Ryan showed us what they'd done, and it was not much. But I will still will be able to check the air. It won't be as slick as it was with my beautiful RealWheels, but it'll work. Oh well.

While we were waiting, we walked over to Beaudry and toured their campground. Then we went to Camping World and bought a couple more things -- a nice folding dish drainer and an ice cube tray, so the day was not a total loss.

Off to AAA then for our maps for the journey! They had everything we wanted.

We made it back and got parked just in time to leave for the Cattletown all-you-can-eat Thank-God-it's-Cod. There were, I believe, 20 of us there, and we were a raucous lot! We had ridden with Al, Donna, Mike, and Carol, so we enjoyed some margaritas!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Navion

Today was the day! We went to LaMesa RV and took delivery of my new beautiful Navion 24H! We got there just a bit after 10 am and started out with moving our stuff out of the old RV and into the new one.

While the storage is a bit limited compared to that of the old RV, there is lots of just plain living room, and we're going to manage to get all we need into the little cubbies. We're going to have a challenge to pare down our travel clothes enough, to be sure.

We got the financials all done, papers all signed, and then the men got to work with getting my nice RealWheels tire covers switched. They wouldn't fit. Wheels are a different size. :/ Then they set about switching my passenger side swivel seat to the new one. Nope. Didn't fit. *sigh* They are going to get metal valve stems installed, though, and they will get the valves in there replaced to take the metal valve stem extenders. And they will rivet these onto the tire covers that ARE on the RV. And they will let me order a new swivel, and they will reimburse me. Coolness.

After that, we drove over to Camping World to get a few things to trick her out. We got step covers and a new entry rug. We bought little levels, and a couple other things. Camping World is always fun.

Our next errand was Little Caesar's and then the grocery. Jack decorated the pizza when we got home, adding onions, green olives, and extra cheese.

So... great time, great day!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Warm day today, and we both worked hard. We started out working on the RV, cleaning stuff out of the cupboards and readying it for our closing on Wednesday. How I'm going to get all the stuff into the new one, I'm not quite sure. No one in the world could even fathom how many plastic bags I'd hoarded under the bench seat in the RV! Had to have been hundreds.

I went to lunch with Julie at Oregano's, and it was great, as usual. We got the Bruschetta and a yummy Artichoke Lasagna, which we split.

After lunch, we did more pickup and cleanup and now the deck is covered with stuff from the RV!

This evening, we each worked on our respective taxes, in TurboTax online. Good fun, almost like a game. I just hope that it all works out so that neither of us has to pay much! At the rate I'm going, I should be able to be finished either tomorrow or Wednesday!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Making the Deal

I did it! I made the deal ydy for a new motorhome! It's very much like the one that I've enjoyed for the past 2 years, the one in which Michael and I left here in 2007. In that RV, Michael and I went east, visiting Auntie Dots and Dave that summer of 2007. That's the RV in which I came back here alone in the fall of 2007, returned to Indiana the following spring, went to Michigan in the summer of 2008, and then returned here to Tucson in the fall of 2008.

The differences, however, are going to be profound for me, for us. There is a sofa (which makes into a comfy bed) and a dinette. The sofa is in a slide-out, so there's lots more room to just move around. The interior decor is beautiful, in taupe, candy-apple red, and light yellow. The wood is washed maple, light in color, which I love.

Storage space will be at a premium, so we'll have to choose our provisions carefully, but I'm pretty good at that. There are some other things that I'm looking forward to, like having a single wastewater termination point on the rig; the one that I have now has two separate ports for gray and black water.

I may just keep the overhead bed for now, anyway, so that I can store stuff up there, as Annie said in the comments from yesterday. Ray, yes.. LOL you're right about those sea scenes in the windows!

So they are going to call me tomorrow, at which time we'll set up a day and time to do the transfer. In the meantime, I have to get the RV emptied of all the things that I don't want to take along. When we go to do the transfer, I can take things like dishes and such out of the old one and put them into the new one. They will have some things to transfer in the service department, too.

I got my mail finally yesterday, and .. what a nightmare! Bills and important tax papers and Christmas cards, oh my!

Church was good this morning, Palm Sunday, and we enjoyed a lunch at Sweet Tomatoes afterward.

This afternoon, Jack did laundry as I assembled a strawberry shortcake trifle to take to Harold and Kathy's party in their new house. What fun that was! Jack and I walked over there, probably about a mile from here. Food was great and conversation easy. Then we watched the DVD of "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" I love that movie!