Friday, February 22, 2008

Some Nifty Shortcuts

This morning first thing was Computer Club, and Jack (same Jack) did a fine presentation on shortcuts in MS Word. Here are just a few of the ones that he told us about. I am just giving you the ones that I remember, without looking at the handout. These are ones that I didn't know before, too!

  • Ctrl-E centers the line of text where you are.
  • Ctrl-L left-justifies.
  • Ctrl-R right-justifies.
  • Shift-F3 will capitalize the word where your cursor is. If you hit Shift-F3 again, it'll capitalize the whole word. Once again, and you're back to all small letters.
  • Ctrl-[ makes the font for the coming word smaller.
  • Ctrl-] makes the font for the coming word larger.
  • Ctrl-S saves your file. (I knew this one!)
Another nifty shortcut that I just learned for Vista is this: When you have the sidebar covered (not always on top), you can make it visible by using the Windows key with the Spacebar. Clicking whatever program was on top of it again will make the sidebar disappear back to the background.

If your Windows Sidebar is always on top, and you don't want it to be, you can right-click anywhere on the sidebar (except on a Gadget), and choose Properties. Always on top means that the Sidebar will always be on top of other programs. I'd rather have it so that my other programs are on top, till I want to see my Gadgets. Then I use Windows-Spacebar to bring the Gadgets to the fore. Handy!

My Gadgets include 3 weather panes -- one for each of 3 zipcodes in the country, the clock, calendar, slideshow of some of my photos (which I can change easily), and a post-it style note where I keep a to-do list.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Actually.. it was a total eclipse of the moon! And we had a block party to celebrate it! While it was a bit chilly (probably 50), everyone enjoyed watching the moon disappear into the shadow of the earth. People toured the new deck, and ate my snacks. I loved it!

First thing today I went for my walk with Maddy. The sun was up, but not over the Rincons when I started walking, and it was still just 49 degrees, so it was a little cool. (I know that you Indiana people reading this are not sympathetic!)

Play practice came next, and we did a walkthrough of the entire production. It's going well and I think that people are going to have fun watching us having fun. This is such a happy group, and I love it!

Jack and I worked on the deck a bit, mulling over what we're going to do about the top of the bar, since the stick-on linoleum tiles don't seem to be working. I think that we're going to be taking the tiles up, and adding some construction adhesive. I'm not optimistic about that, but I know that we'll come up with something that works well.

We made a step to lead down to the driveway. This will make it possible to use the driveway for entertaining space, should I decide to put the RV into storage. It'll also make it easier to get into the RV where it is, and that's important too.

And we worked on the electricity. We're putting power onto one of the awning support poles, and I'll plug in a string of rope lighting there, into the switched plug. We're going to add a 30A receptacle for the RV, which will be on the side of the old part of the deck.

I think that all that's left after that is putting some sort of stain on the deck. I have to figure out how to make the top part of the deck work with the new part. I want to stain (not paint) the bottom, but the top part is painted. So... I think that we're looking at painting the top part in a darker shade, and then coordinating the bottom part. I'm really happy with this deck. I know... pictures. I took some, but they're still in the camera. ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pima Canyon Hike

This green is a color that I actually saw today in little ferns that were growing up in Pima Canyon. The hike took off from the northwest part of town -- at Ina and Christie, and then north on Christie.

The hike followed a well-traveled trail which carried us across the usually dry creekbed, which was today a rushing rill! So we had some rock-hopping. The hike was 5.3 miles with 1000 ft of altitude gain.

It was Jack's turn to bring the peanut butter sandwiches, and we ate them on a nice flat rock overlooking a rushing waterfall. This was one of the prettiest hikes of the year!

Monday evening, Jack and I worked on the lid for the bar for the deck. We put the linoleum tiles on, edged them with the aluminum channeling, and then attached the hinges. We grinned. It looked great.

This morning, though, the tiles had lifted in places. This afternoon, when it was much warmer, they had lifted more! Eeek! We're going to try taking off the trim, relaying the tiles when the day is warm, with warming help of a hairdryer, and then trimming the edges, before reapplying the trim.

If it doesn't work, we'll use a solid piece of linoleum, trim the edges, and just hold it with the trim. The temperature differential here is profound, so I shouldn't be surprised that this is something of a challenge.

I do have some deck photos, and more to come. And today I took what should be a nice collection of Pima Canyon photos. I just have to get them out of the camera which I will do... soon!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Party Day

Today was a fun day. I got up and remembered that I had no milk and no cereal so I drove down and asked John if he wanted to go get groceries with me. Sure. Over $100 later, I have milk and a full pantry. Yay!

After breakfast, I went for my walk and talked with Dave. The morning was pretty, with no wind and a temperature of about 60 when I got home.

While I was eating my granola, Gary came by and asked if I wanted to come to their party this afternoon. Well, yes! I had a shower and heard sounds of deck-building when I got out. Jack was doing a little routing and sanding. We sat on our new bench and talked about what we had left to do, and talked to some people who happened by.

The way parties happen here is that someone has the idea and supplies some main dish. Then everyone who comes brings a side dish, hors d'oevre, or dessert to share, and something to drink. I supplied a rigatoni and Italian sausage dish, which was quite good. Everything was great, and of course the people were fun. Lots of laughs defined the afternoon. When it started to cool down, most of us left.

During the party, I found a paper clip on the pool deck. Now... those of you who know the paper clip story know what I'm thinking here: Michael drops those for me! I told the story to a small group and everyone enjoyed it. These folks really enjoyed Michael -- and they knew only the fun side of him!

John and I went out for ice cream (Sunday!) and that was good too. So it was a great day. :)