Saturday, November 05, 2011

Happy birthday, Becky

Michael's sister Becky was one of my avid blog readers and,  just in case she is still reading it ,  I'll use this to wish her happy birthday. Though Becky passed away a year and a half ago,  she'll always be one of my best friends and a real inspiration to me. Happy Birthday to you,  Becky!

In other news,  things are moving along here in Tucson.  Jack's mom Mary got out of the hospital the day after we arrived in Tucson -- the 25th of October.  Since she is on oxygen and using a walker,  things are a bit more challenging for her. She has appointments with a nurse,  with pt,  and several doctors. So far,  we've managed to get her where she needs to be and to help her to keep things tidy at her apartment.  Yesterday,  in fact,  she went down to the salon to have her hair done. This was her first time doing that since the hospital,  so it felt great to her. I just followed along,  letting her do everything.  She even said,  "you're not even going to push the elevator button?". But she did it all,  including setting up her small oxygen tank,  by herself. What a woman. She could have just let other people do for her,  but she's decided to get well and do for herself. :-)

Jack is having a workup done,  meanwhile,  and they are finding some blockages in arteries. Extent and remedies are uncertain at this point.

Me? Well,  I've gotten the front "yard" dug for my retaining wall,  Jack and I procured the blocks,  and they are sort of tentatively set in place. We are going to need to cut a few of them to make them fit. Then will come plastic behind them and gravel and maybe soil to fill in behind.

The little cactus that we planted here is just like the one that we put on at Jack's -- the one that someone was inspired to kick over when we first returned. So we'll move mine to his house and replant his remaining broken stalks and see if he can make them grow again. He was so proud of his little cactus that it made me sob to see it all broken off.

Anyway so then my plan is to top my little plot with decorative stone and "plant" some steel cacti there. :-) I would move my steel agaves from 206, but they are so perfect there and they make me smile whenever I walk past. So I'll find more.

People are returning from the frozen north at a steady pace,  and activities are going here. It's a beautiful time to be in Tucson.

Location : 7451 S 5th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85710,