Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This date is just too cool to let slide by without a blog posting! Things are going well for me. I've been helping Jack with getting alllll his mountains of stuff moved from his old cottage to his new one. Actually, it's pared down quite a bit from what he had, and he will be able to get it all put away over the next day or so.

Paid bills today so I'm feeling all responsible and stuff.

Our Tanque Verde Valley Singers concert on Saturday was lots of fun and we did well. Compliments just flowed. The music was fun Christmas music, with a few non-secular numbers and one Hanukkah song. Now I'm back down to just one choir -- church choir -- till after the first, when our FHTV choir will resume.

I'm thinking about getting some sort of desk. Not sure where to put it, but I just think I want a desk. It'll make it easier for me to use my computer and, therefore, to keep up my blog! I don't really like the laptop-on-the-lap bit anymore. Maybe one of those little "writing desks" sort of on the order of a console table. ... Hmmm. I will keep thinking about this. I think I'd rather have it in the living room, where I actually live, so I can see out and stuff.

Jack and I are going to be leading a Wii Zumba class on MWF at 6:20 am. LOL I know that's early, but there's someone else in the room at 7:30 and our Greg class is at 8:15. I rather like doing Zumba at 6:20, finishing by 7 or so, and then having plenty of time for a relaxed breakfast before Greg's class.

It's starting to cool down a little here, and we're even expecting some rain by Friday. I was wearing a light jacket much of the day.

I'm trying to figure out how the Fry's Cranberry Celebration salad is made. I think that it has red hots in it. Sounds silly, but I can't figure out how else they get that little bit of cinnamony heat. It's not a cinnamon flavor -- just a little bit of red-hot spice. Working on it. Will keep you posted.