Saturday, February 28, 2009

New uses for hand cream

I guess I should be laughing about it. Someone has decided that a good use of hand cream is ... smearing it on my car! This person skulks about in the dead of night -- sometime between midnight and 6 am -- and perpetrates this sort of mischief. I've decided that I am not going to sit idly by, but rather have bought a security camera just today, and I'm going to set the thing up and figure out for sure who's doing this. This is the 4th time that I've found stuff on my car. I've taken photos and reported it to park management.

On a happy note, we finished the deck today! It looks great and Jack and I are both very proud of it. We're going to be doing a back staircase for them next week.

We went tonight to a church group function -- game night -- at the home of Georgia and Howard. Great house and a wonderful time. I played Outburst and Mexican Train, both great games! They were also playing Sequence and Rummicube. Everyone brought some finger food, so we had a time of just eating and talking before the games began. We brought chicken breasts rolled up with mozzarella and herbed butter breaded and friend and then baked in a butter-wine sauce. People loved it!

I brought an orange-almond chocolate trifle to Robert & Mike's party last evening. It was great. I love making trifles!

Last Night

I was unable to connect to the internet last night. Discovered this morning that I'd turned off the "wireless" switch on the front of my computer.

We had a fine day ydy, beginning with cereal with strawberries, ending with a fabulous dinner party at Robert and Mike's, and including play practice and working on the deck. I also went to have the car washed. Details on that to follow.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flowers for you

Today was another warm day in Tucson, with the high probably reaching into the upper 70's by the middle of the afternoon. We slept late, and then enjoyed Jack's omelets. I made it to choir practice just in time (10 am!)

I am really enjoying choir. I've always loved singing, and singing as part of a great group of people dedicated to making good music brings me smiles. We're getting ready for a concert here in the Village in mid-March.

After choir, I went to Smania's to check on Jack's progress. He had the railings underway and he and Pete were working on sliding the balusters into the drilled holes. And I went then to tend the laundry, which Jack had begun while I was at choir. :)

Then it was back to the deck, where Jack and I worked further on the railings. I did some wood putty work and sanding of the top railing. The deck is looking very good.

I chose to miss Foto Fun again this week. I'm just over-scheduled, and I wanted to do things that I wanted to do today. Part of what I wanted to do today was to get some photos up on my blog. These are from our California jaunt.

Here's Jack with Becky:

And with me:

This is the food I feasted upon at Disneyland:

This is the artist's area we enjoyed in Balboa Park:

And here are some flower photos. Some of these were from the Disney parks, and the others were from Balboa Park in San Diego:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Super Soup Supper

Hey there, everyone! I am going to turn over a new leaf. I've decided that, in honor of Lent, I'm going to gather the discipline to post in here *daily*. So read it and comment!

Jack and I have been insanely busy, and I'll give you a few highlights:

Closing went great on my house. The new people didn't need an appraisal, a survey, an inspection, or even a mortgage, so it was easy. I was able to accomplish all of my part by phone, email and overnight mail.

The practice for the play is progressing. We have just a few more practices before our performance, so it is good that we are getting better.

We've been working hard on Smania's deck and it looks great. We have yet to do the railings and that's about all. Then we're going to build a set of back door steps for them, and that job will be billable.

We just returned last night from a wonderful week away in California! We spent the first few days with Becky in Huntington Beach. We visited California Adventure Park, and then the following day, we went to Disneyland. What fun! We kept our bellies full of delicious food, rode on everything we wanted to ride, and enjoyed all the sights. Jack's favorite ride was California Screamin' -- the giant roller coaster at California Adventure. My favorite was Thunder Mountain -- a smaller but very fun roller coaster at Disneyland!

On Sunday, we went to church at the Church of the Covenant in nearby Costa Mesa. It was a really fine church, we felt right at home, and we enjoyed the service! After church, we went back to Becky's, loaded up our stuff, said our goodbyes, and headed off to visit with Jack's aunt. He had no phone number for her, so we just went to where she lived and rang the bell. She and her daughter welcomed us in, and the three of them enjoyed reminiscing.

Then we headed south to downtown San Diego. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, and it worked out fine. Though the place was not fancy and the bathroom was abnormally small, it was not expensive and it was very handily located right between the downtown eateries and mall and just a few blocks from Balboa Park.

In San Diego, I'd intended to get together with my friend Dorothy, but it just didn't happen for us this time. I had not brought my computer, and I didn't know how to get hold of her. Bad planning, I know.

But we did have some unplanned fun, anyway! We did our walks up to and around Balboa Park. We visited the Air and Space Museum there, the Photography Museum, and the Model Railroad Museum. One of our days there, we went around and visited the little artists' shops surrounding a colorful courtyard. We didn't make it to Old Town. We didn't go to the zoo. But we did have lots of fun doing what we did. And we took a zillion photos, which I have not yet seen.

This evening, we went to a soup supper at the church, and it was great fun. Jack and I made a fabulous tomato-based ravioli soup, and it was a hit with everyone who ate it. We also enjoyed other people's offerings. Yum! What fun! I've discovered that church people cook well!

After the supper, we went on to the Sanctuary for the Ash Wednesday evening service, which was good and totally new to me, of course.

Look for me again tomorrow!