Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Fashion Show

The Far Horizons Fashion Show for Spring 2008 was held yesterday. I had been chosen to be a model, and had gone for my clothes fitting a couple of weeks ago. The models all got to eat the same luncheon enjoyed by all the other ladies -- delicious chicken salad (with nuts and grapes) on a lettuce leaf and a lemon-topped tarte. It was delish!

Then we were taken back to the changing area, where our coordinated outfits hung. They told us what to put on in what order, and how to go out there, where to stand on the stage, how to move, etc.. We also had plenty of time to just banter among ourselves. Because the ladies were all ... us.. it was great. We chattered like magpies!

When it was time, we herded ourselves to the ballroom backstage, where we awaited our cues. As they announced each of us, we walked up, pranced to the back of the stage, then to the side, front, and other side. Then we crossed back and were helped down the steps, where we met our adoring public. We ambled among the tables, showing off our duds, and then we exited through the back, and ran back to the changing room for the next round.

The funny thing for me was that the woman from the clothing store who was putting on the show, Lorie, enjoyed kidding around with me. When she introduced me, she pointed out that, although she enjoys hiking, walking, cycling.. all this outdoor stuff, today Janee actually wore makeup for you! Every time I was up there, she said something about me or I did something that made all the ladies laugh. It was such fun! I hope that they ask me to do it again next year.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Ok, so it's not Valentine's Day anymore, but I forgot to post this on the day, so here you are.

Every couple has their own way of celebrating holidays. Some people go all out for such holidays as Valentine's Day, getting jewelry or clothes, or going out for nice dinners. Michael and I had our own ways of celebrating our holidays, too.

For Valentine's Day, we would go out together sometime before the day. We'd go to a card store and he'd take off in one direction, and I in another. I would look for a card for him, and he would look for a card for me.

When we were satisfied, we would meet again, and show each other the cards. Sometimes we'd laugh. Sometimes we'd shed a tear or two. Then we would put the cards back and leave the store.

Sometimes we'd show each other a little cutesy stuffed thing that we would get for the other if we were doing that, but we didn't actually buy the thing. I am laughing now, remembering this. I do have a few cards still that Michael did give me -- mostly for my birthday. Now I do wish that I had more things written in his handwriting, but this memory of our card "shopping" will always be mine.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some Fun!

Today Jack and I took a break from deck work so that we could do other things. I spent the day doing unpleasant things, mostly. I began by doing laundry -- 5 loads.. sheesh. I should really be doing it every week, instead of letting it pile up so.

Then I assembled and actually sent all my papers off to my tax accountant today! I was so happy and proud of myself for finally doing that. I just hope that he can make sense of it all; it's sort of a mess, compared to what Michael always did. I sent it all in a flat rate box, priority mail, from the Post Office, return receipt requested. Michael woulda been proud.

Then I went and bought shoes to wear for the fashion show, in which I'm taking part as a model tomorrow. (Most women love buying shoes, but me? errr... no, not my favorite thing!) I'm going to be wearing 3 outfits and I had to get shoes for one of them. I got another pair of shoes too, which are dancing shoes. Hey.. there's a dinner/dance here on the 29th, and I have tickets! No date, yet!

I had some fun, too, of course. There was a meeting of the Foto Fun club, at which we had speakers from Jones Photo, who told us about using settings other than auto on our cameras, and it was very good.

And then Jack and Kathy invited me over for dinner -- delicious vegetable beef soup, salad, bread... mmm! :) John and I went out for ice cream at Coldstone and that was fun. I just got home a bit ago.

I missed Michael fiercely today. I had some tears, which are not coming as frequently as before (maybe once a week), and I got to tell my neighbor Neil's brother Phil about how he and I (his wife died too) are the lucky ones, because we made it "till death do us part" and our spouses died loving us. That always gives me a smile to share that sentiment. I told him that it doesn't get any better than that, and really... while it DOES suck that Michael died so young, we really were very blessed to have so many great years, so much fun, and such a love that we shared. He was a great guy. You, my faithful reader, know that, of course. ;)