Thursday, December 17, 2009

Building a Bed

For the past few days, Jack and I have been working on building our new bed. We're building a storage bed which will lift up, exposing a massive storage area. We're making a half-octagon headboard, too, and it will be covered in a leather-like fabric. All the wood is cut, the wood is sanded and polycoat is applied. The fabrics are bought and we're ready to start screwing things together!

The week's been otherwise good, too. The weather has finally given us some beautifully warm days, with highs in the 70's.

Hiking on Tuesday was the annual Donut Hike. Of course, with my current weight mission, I didn't want to eat 500 calories in the form of an apple fritter, which is mostly empty calories. Rather, I ate a banana, and it was delicious!

Speaking of bananas, if you like them, here's a wonderful dessert:

Cut up one banana into a bowl.
Cover this with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup.
Chop 3 peanuts and put these on top.

Eat slowly and enjoy every bite!
218 calories, but the best part is that it's the best part of a banana split! If your chocolate syrup is cold, you get the cold sensation, the crunch of the peanuts (6 calories each), and, hiding underneath it all, is the banana, which is actually GOOD for you!

This morning I was 134.2 again. I am very pleased with this! I know that I'd hoped to be 130 by Christmas, but.. that was sort of a silly artificial goal anyway. Now my new goal is to be 130 by 1/15/10. Another silly artificial goal, but should be attainable.