Saturday, March 16, 2013

Feeling a bit better

I started coming back to myself late in the day yesterday, and today, I actually felt a little bit creative! I celebrated by doing my B:
I'm still taking the antibiotic, and I had blood drawn for testing just yesterday. My doctor wants to do a CT scan, but insurance is balking, and, if I'm feeling much better on Monday, I may say "never mind" on the CT. That is a lot of radiation, and I don't want to turn into the Hulk for nothing.

Weather here has turned suddenly hot. Yesterday, we hit a record high for the date, of 93. Actually, compared to what we know that Tucson WILL be getting, 93 is a nice cool day. :) The pool is full of people who are tired from packing to go back north. It's still a bit too soon for us. And we have some things to do here before we go. We are NOT spending the summer of 2013 here, however.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Playing along

I'm trying really hard to feel better, but I'm afraid I'm not doing so well at faking it. I did enjoy a fun afternoon of games with the girls. And later, we went to a very large party at the pool. Now I'm just trying to think about something other than how my mastoid hurts. At least I know what that thing is called now. I just must feel better tomorrow, or it's back to the doc.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


That's what my doc is treating in me. I'm on a course of amoxicillin for 10 days. I am very hopeful that I'm on the mend now. Today was not a total loss for me, as I did all the puzzles in the Star, had a shower, went to the doc, and picked up and began my medicine. Enough for this day. Tomorrow will be better.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Working through the pain

I know that most of my pain is not real -- that it has no real cause and will go away on its own. Fibromyalgia or overactive nerve endings or whatever, I have to just learn to live with variable pain in unpredictable locations.

It does seem that my current pain is real though. It's behind my right ear in that sort of bulging area. It hurts to touch that region, it is not pulsating pain, and it is not accompanied by dizziness, as I'd expect from an inner ear problem.

It started when I was wearing a not-tight headband 8 days ago, went away after a couple of days, and returned just yesterday, with a vengeance, when I was wearing sunglasses which push gently in that region. Last night was difficult and today it has been a challenge to carry on and remain cheerful.

I wish I knew what this was. I wish I could find out without plunking a bunch of cash into the hands of medical people to do tests which would not show anything anyway. Ugh. I miss Michael and his wise counsel. People with assorted random - and sometimes imaginary - pain need doctors living with them. :-)

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Festival of books

Jack and I visited the Festival of Books today on the U of A campus. It's a huge event with probably a mile of tents, most with interesting things and people. I do look forward to a time when we can go there, maneuver easily with no road construction and park easily. That was not in the cards for us today.

Church was good and the choir received favorable comments on our song. :-)

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