Wednesday, January 01, 2014


I know that I've been away a long time, and I am going to fix this... now! I'm moving this blog to an even friendlier place, over to! To get to my new blog, you will be able to go to > Who is Janee > Janee's Blog. Right now, as I'm working on construction and rebuilding of, my blog is accessible from ... and then following the above trail. Or, more handily, just click on and there you'll be!

I've been posting for a couple of days over there about my progress in learning WordPress, the software I'm using for my site. But expect more updates about my actual life, too!

I am so grateful for you people who have kept up with me, even when I've been a slacker with regards to my blogging. Life does take its twists and turns, and I'm finding mine turning me back in this direction. So yay for all of us!