Friday, January 13, 2012

How I've Changed

We all know how good a cookie is. You eat it, and as you put it away a bite at a time, the sweetness is almost overwhelming. You just want to keep eating them. After the cookie is gone, in fact, you usually just have to grab another! It is hard to satisfy your appetite with cookies.

I've learned that it's very different with a mango. The process of readying it to be eaten is a ritual that takes a bit of time. Then, as you eat it, there is a party that takes place in your mouth. The thing is just a mosh pit of sweet deliciousness that must be experienced to be understood.

But the real magic of the mango is that the pleasure continues. The fruit is large enough and filling enough that it does it for your appetite!

And, as you're eating it, you can reflect upon the fact that you're actually eating something that is feeding your body! Mangos are rich in vitamins A & C,vitamin B6, and fiber...but they are not calorie-dense.

I had my first mango just a couple of weeks ago, and I'm so happy that I got the nerve to try one. I shared that first one with Jack. The one I had today was all mine!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An easy day

Today I slept in till 7:30 and then lay around in bed till 8:30! That's the first time that I've done that in a while, but it's ok. I tell myself that I earned it.

I did my exercise (20 minutes of medium intensity Zumba on the Wii, and then 15 minutes of Wii Fitness Coach) and then had breakfast as I read the Arizona Daily Star. Breakfast this morning was a very special treat. I had half a chocolate muffin from Sunflower with... now get this ... very homemade blackberry spread. To make this, I took 1/2 C of blackberries and mashed them just a bit in a little Pyrex bowl. Spoon atop a bite of muffin and there you go. Repeat till there is no muffin left and the blackberries should run out at the same time, if you play it right! :) Oh, my, but that is good!

I've been enjoying the puzzles in the paper, discovering that, while I'm still not Crown Princess of crosswords, I can usually get through the easier ones. (not NY times, thank you) BUT... I AM Ja'am of Jumbles! And I'm Sultana of Sudoku, too. :D

I did a bit of work on a Photoshop project for our photo club here in the park and then Jack and I went to Oregano's for dinner with Joann and George. We had a nice time as we always do with them. I had 1/4 of a portion of chicken lasagne. The other 3/4 will serve as 3 more meals! While the restaurant was not quite as loud as it was when Jack and I last went, when we vowed never to go back, it was still loud enough that I will insist, from now on, that we sit in the front part.

After dinner, we rushed off to choir practice where we got new songs. Jack has decided after tonight that choir is just not his thing, so he's dropping out. I admire him for giving it a try, when he's thought his whole life that he could not sing. I say that the forest would be a deadly quiet place, if the only birds singing were the ones who sang the best.