Saturday, September 25, 2010

London, Ontario

Yes, we're heading EAST, on our way west! We decided that there are people and things that need to be visited before we go to AZ for our winter.

Tonight we're in London, Ontario. We've spent the past two days exploring London, visiting the Covent Market, which we loved, and the Museum London, which was... eh... not so great. It was exhibiting some contemporary art which we neither particularly enjoyed nor understood. I personally think that, when artists write about their work, they at least should have a *real* writer proofread for them.

We came home and enjoyed a fabulous dinner of chicken a la king on asiago cheese bread, fresh corn on the cob, and delicious date bars. Great day, even though the weather has been less-than-perfect, with excessive wind, cold (50!), and some rain. We are hoping that the rain gets by us and leaves us alone for awhile! :)

We're having fun and getting along well.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Jack and I arrived in Ruby towing Fred (LOL) yesterday afternoon. We had worked till nearly 3pm getting my house and his house ready to go, getting our stuff ready to go, getting the RV cleaned out well, loading up, hooking up, and running some last-minute Big Rapids errands.

The drive was fun, with lovely scenery all the way. The trees are really showing their colors early and are quite beautiful right now here.

Today we went to the Michigan State University campus, drove around a bit, and then visited some museums. Our favorite was the Art Museum.

After a quick trip back here to the Cottonwood Campground to turn on the AC for Eddie, we headed back out, cameras in hand, this time to the State Capital. As soon as I get Photoshop installed on this new computer, I'll get started with posting my capital photos. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rain in the Rapids

Yeah... and we're still here! Although we both worked like maniacs today, with me getting just about all of my things into the RV, we didn't make it out of town. I'm planning to sleep in it tonight, because all of my stuff is out there! Not sure what Jack's planning.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Still getting ready

Well... Tuesday's tomorrow! The goal is to leave tomorrow for our journey, but ... I'm hopeful that we are ready enough to make the break to get out of town. While Tuesday is the goal, there are no rules about how early we have to leave or how far we have to go!

I was hopeful that I'd have my computer all set up with my programs and files, but the Seagate, while it did work, has proven to be a slow way to migrate my files. I got a USB wire thing today and I'll try that, but, because this has not been done yet, I'll be dragging along BOTH computers. Sheesh. And, after a few days of the little mouse working perfectly on this new computer, this evening, it's not working at all.

The Big Rapids stuff is winding down. Today we did recycling from both our houses, and then went to Dianne's and took back the wood that didn't get used for her project. We went and got our kayaks from Harold's house and stored them. And we went to a party Harold had for the Tucson folks. Good fun!

Jack's done some nifty building projects in the past few days. He built me a knife block for my drawer, and it's neat! He made a support for the bed to make it more substantial, and he is working on a little headboard. It's just about done.

The RV and car have been serviced, the mail's been handled, the trash has been stopped at both of our houses. We've done some laundry, and have a bit more to do, including towels. We have yet to do all of the shoving of things into the RV, and that's really just about it.