Friday, May 08, 2009


We arrived in Dubuque on Wednesday, actually, and we've been staying pretty busy since then. We did a couple of things for the RV. First we took a couple of days installing the swivel seat for the passenger's side. That's where I'm sitting now, and I love it. Yes, Annette, I remember that Steve installed the other one in about 10 minutes. This one was a little trickier, since the bolts didn't fit right. Ok, now I can't remember what else we did, if, in fact, we really did anything else for the RV. LOL!

Yesterday we went to a baseball game, partly pitched by Matthew, Jack's grandson. While the score was hugely lopsided against our team in the first inning, we ended up pulling it out at the end, much to everyone's delight.

Yesterday also I got a mammogram, generously arranged by Jack's son in-law. All's well with my girls!

We've been enjoying some pleasant walks around this pretty neighborhood. It's been raining at night.

Before we got here, we stopped off in Springfield for the night, and then we got together with our friends from Tucson, Ray and Jean. They toured us around their beautiful home and then their daughter's home too. Then we went to the great restaurant at the Bass Pro Shop (yes, really!) and had lunch. What a nice time we had!

Monday, May 04, 2009

No Rain

Today we slept in till 8 or later, showered, and then put our laundry in. Then we went to the pancake breakfast at the Branson KOA while the laundry spun. By the time we were ready to go, it was just after 11.

We saw lots of green today! This rain and rain and more rain has made everything very green! But it seems as if the rain is over, for now, anyway. There was no rain on us today!

We took a short but curvy drive through the Ozarks over to Joplin, Missouri today. Our goal was to visit Sandstone Gardens, one of my favorite spots on the planet. It's a Paul Bunyan house which is actually a garden and interior decor store and a restaurant. We walked all through the gardens and the interior, took photos, and had fun! Then we went to the restaurant, only to discover that they had stopped serving just 7 minutes earlier. Duh.

So on we went, back eastward to Springfield, where we are tonight. We are at a very nice KOA here. We went for a walk in the subdivision that's just east of here. In the Where is Janee now, the subdivision shows up as just a rough-in!