Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wallet Slalom

Today we got up very early (for me) and got all set to go bike riding with a group of folks from our church. We aired our tires, got the bikes loaded up, put water in our bottles, and we were off!

When we were just outside the gate, Jack's phone rang... from the back of the car. Thinking that it might be from Susan, the biking organizer, we stopped so that Jack could answer it. He went back there and got the phone and was calling Susan when he realized that his wallet was gone.

Had it fallen out back in the parking lot where we'd stopped? We turned around and went back.
No wallet. There was a fellow walking through there and Jack thought that maybe he'd picked it up. Jack said lots of things that I rarely hear him say.

His whole life was in that wallet, he said. What would he do if it were really gone? He had no idea. Well, while we were there, I looked around inside the car and .. there it was -- under the little flip-up console table between the front seats. :)

The bike ride was fun, though challenging for me, since it'd been months since our last ride. We went from Susan's house up her street and to Melpomene and on to Old Spanish Trail to Saguaro East. After a short rest, we rode back, for a total of just over 8 miles. We went back to talk with Susan and Kathy at Susan's, before heading out again.

So then we went to go get some supplies at Basha's. We had just gotten over to the deli and were perusing the chicken salads, when Jack was paged! He went over to Customer Service and ... they had his wallet! It had evidently fallen from his pocket when he visited the men's room! Sheesh!

Sooo... when we got home, just after a yummy lunch of chicken salad, we each took out our wallet contents, laid them out on the scanner, and printed out an image of what was in there. Then we turned everything over and did the back, too!

What would you do if you lost your wallet? Would you know everything that was in there? Go now and do what we did. And *don't* put the copy in your wallet!

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Today was fun. I got up just in time to go for our walk before breakfast and getting set for choir practice. We sounded great today and we're going to sound even better by the time the concert comes around.

After that, I went and helped Jack finish up the laundry. Then it was time for lunch and errands. We went to a new place for lunch -- Zona 78 -- and enjoyed a sumptious lunch. We got the special, which was farfalle pasta with vegetables in a wine-butter sauce. It was served with delicious bread. Yum! We will return.

It was my day to drive and I enjoyed doing that, as we did some prowling around, ending at the grocery.

When we returned to the park, we saw Pete and Janet had guests, and they invited us over. So we returned the car to our place and took the bikes down there. Marguerite and Ann and Evan were there, along with Katy and Ken -- fun group! :)

Now we're just chillin', sorting out photos of the play and watching HGTV House Hunters.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cast Party

The show is over now! The second night was tonight, and it went just as well as the first. Many people have told us that this was the best show that our park has put on in their memory. Several people came up to me and Bob (the little old man), and told us that our part was their favorite part of the whole show.

So afterwards, we had the reception for the audience, and then they cleared the 200+ chairs out of the Fiesta Room and set up tables and food for our cast party! The food was really good -- sandwich makings, cold vegetables (lots of great ones), and fruit and cake to dip in chocolate fondue! Jack was applauded for his splendid job as director, and he, in turn, thanked all of us for being such a fine cast.

Another important happening of today was that we went and updated our car insurance. I had to get my CRV registered in AZ, and I did that, too. Things cost much more here.

Before that, we went to La Mesa RV for their free hotdog/hamburger lunch. We also looked at some new and small RV's. We really liked the Gulfstream VistaCruiser. It has the same engine as mine (but newer), a great floorplan much like that of Michael's and my LazyDaze, and a slideout, expanding the floorspace significantly.

Oh.. and before that, I cooked breakfast: pancakes with strawberry compote! Boy was that good! :)


Today was a great day! We began the day with breakfast and then our hike. This one was the Wild Horse Trail in Saguaro East. It wasn't a difficult hike by any stretch of the imagination, but it was fine. I took a few photos, none of which I've looked at yet. Because our leader had a doctor's appointment and some of the others of us had a show to put on, we did a short hike, arriving back home at about 12:30.

We did a little computer work and then did some shopping, getting poster board so that Jack could put up the photos that he had taken of our dress rehearsal.

Then it was time to get ready for the show. I showered and assembled my clothes, and went to the dressing room, where everyone was getting made-up and dressing. We arrived at staggered times, so that we were not all there at the same time. I got made up for my "Gold Digger" role first. Some pacing around and then it was time to go on as the first guest on "Johnny Carson."

The audience was great! We got applause for appearing, for singing, and then for our bow! We did well, singing backup for Ken's "Memories are made of this."

Then I headed back into makeup, where Marian readied me as Gladys Orensbee from Laugh-In. Here are some shots of me from Dress Rehearsal:

It was lots of fun doing Gladys tonight, and the audience was appreciative! After the show, we all went over to the Arizona Room for cookies and punch, and members of the audience came over to this reception, too. Many people told us that this was the best production that this park has seen.. ever! Maybe they say that every year, but ... then this WAS a fun production, for all concerned!

Jack and I were relaxing with popcorn after i took off all the makeup, when Ione came over and pounded on our door, inviting us to their house for an impromptu party! :) We went and had fun talking to all the people about how cool the show was!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Goodbye Again

Today began with my complaining about all the stuff scattered around. (Seems that I do that a lot!) We took a few minutes casting things out and about, put things away, and then we were neat and tidy again.

It occurred to me that I had a cabinet in my tiny kitchen that has been dedicated to storing Michael's ashes. Well, that didn't make any sense to me today, so I decided that we would take a little trip with the ashes.

We went up the Catalina Highway, up to the very tippy top of Mt. Lemmon. Michael had wanted his ashes to be on top of one of the many peaks around Tucson, and Mt. Lemmon is the highest.

So after a fine luncheon at the Iron Door, we drove up the private (and closed) road up past the Ski Lodge to the top of the mountain and then hiked the short path to this place overlooking the whole city, smelling of tall Ponderosa pines and fresh cool air. And this is where I set Michael's ashes free at last.

After a quiet moment, we drove on to the Cookie Shack, where we shared a peanut butter cookie before driving back down to Tucson.

We got all set for our dance class ... and then got over to the clubhouse to discover that the lesson was canceled for this evening. :/ Ah well... so we are just chilling this evening. I got the food ready for tomorrow's hiking, and we're just resting.

No car incidents since we installed our camera, by the way. :)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

Today was a fine day! We got up early and readied ourselves unhurriedly for church. There's Bible study before church and I always enjoy that. After church, we went to The Good Egg, where Jack feasted on a Skillet Breakfast and I loved my pancake with chocolate chips, strawberries, and walnuts!

We came home and changed clothes before going off in search of a better solution to the security situation. We ended up with one from Walmart which has better resolution and seems to work well. After going for a night with our car remaining unmolested, we're hopeful that just having the camera will do the trick for us.

Tonight was dress rehearsal for our play, and it went swimmingly. After that, at just after 10 pm, we went for our walk around the park. It's 70° and a beautiful starry night after a warm day. A dinner of leftover ribs from Texas Roadhouse was delish! We're going to let our food digest a bit before hitting the rack!