Friday, October 30, 2009

Ocala, Florida

It's almost too warm today! Well... almost. :) We're actually enjoying the humidity and the 80+ heat of the last couple of days!

I am feeling much better now, having recovered completely from a bout of awful flu, it seems. I was really knocked out by the silly illness. Feverish and coughing my head off, I was unable to even *drive* till just yesterday.

I was mostly recovered when we arrived at Ken & Judy's near Huntsville, AL. We stayed in the RV, but enjoyed time with them as well as time to explore the Huntsville environs. Yesterday we left there, and drove on down as far as Dothan, AL. The campground was adequate but.. not at all fancy.

Tonight's campground is much nicer, and Jack took the opportunity to do our laundry, while I caught up on my email. I cooked dinner, using some frozen cooked hamburger, rice, canned tomatoes, part of an onion, a clove of garlic, parmesan cheese, and spices. Mmmm, it was GOOD!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

On the Road Again!

Tonight finds Jack and me in Cornersville, Tennessee! We left Paris on Thursday morning at 10 am, all loaded up, and the new house in good hands. We drove to Brownsburg, Indiana, and stayed Thursday night with Annette and Steve. Friday morning, we drove on down to Louisville, where I had a meeting with Danny, my financial guru.

Angie and George were out of town, but they graciously permitted us to park in front of their house and to hook up to their water and power. We didn't see them till Saturday night, when they each flew in on separate planes, from separate destinations. They had been traveling since Labor Day, so they were happy to be home.
We went out to breakfast at KT's, to celebrate my 53rd birthday, and then Jack and I packed up the hoses and cords and headed on down I-65 to Nashville. There we visited Jack's friend Diane, and her husband Max.
Meanwhile, I've been sick. I had my flu shot in Big Rapids on Wednesday, and I started feeling puny on Thursday. I felt a bit punier on Friday, and then ydy I was a mess. Today I'm feeling better again, with no more fever, cough is much less, and my throat is not sore now. The hardest part is the sheer exhaustion. I've been unable to drive more than an hour at a time, before I have to rest, or even nap. And this morning, I felt too sick to attend church, so we missed for the first time since we were at Big Bend in Texas.

Yesterday, we went walking around on Alta Vista in Louisville, and I got some photos of pretty leaves:

Here's a photo inside the chapel at one of the beautiful seminary campuses: