Saturday, January 07, 2012

New Year, new habits

I'm doing well to start my year.I'm really loving my new cottage and I've been keeping very busy with all kinds of fun things. Last evening Jack and I went to dinner with friends at Cattletown. After that we played Aggravation. Although the men won, it was lots of fun.

I've been working on creating the body I want to grow older in. I've decided that sort of borderline overweight and matronly is not going to do for me. So I'm getting myself to the lean side of normal.

So I've been working out with the Wii and going for walks. I've been eating great food and way less fat, salt, and sugar. And I've been keeping track of it all on Since 10/25, I've moved from 143.5 to 134. And I love Zumba!

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