Thursday, May 29, 2008

Warm in Phoenix

Yes! I finally managed to get my RV into Reverse and then Drive and got her out of Tucson! I came up here to Phoenix just yesterday, and I'm staying at the Mesa Regal RV Resort. If you go to my Where is Janee now link over there --> you'll see that I'm actually moving along on I-10, when my signal was last picked up. I was going slowly, because there's construction along I-10 there around Tucson. I have to do something to make my signal go out better and I have saved an email that tells me what to do. I'll figure out how to adjust my radio so y'all can better follow me when I'm on my way back to Indiana.

So what am I doing in Phoenix? Visiting people! Ydy afternoon, Ron came and spirited me off. First we went to REI, so he could get some outfitting things for the trip he's taking this weekend.

Then we went to the Pizzaria Bianco where we were told we had to wait "only" an hour and a half, even though they'd told us 2 hours and 15 minutes! Hey.. it's the best pizza in America, Ron said. We got to wait in the neighboring Bar Bianco, which was great fun. I wish I could remember the name of the beer we had.

When we were brought into the restaurant, we got bread with olive oil.. Mmmm.. a little preview of things to come! And then our pizza! We got the Margherita and the Rosa, of which I determined I preferred the Rosa. Wonderful stuff indeed, amiable people, and a really fun evening.

Then we drove around the city, which is lovely at night, and went back to his house where he got his bike for me to use for the rest of my stay here. (Like a goof, I had not brought my park bike up here. My Fuji is in the shop this week for its 150-mile tune-up!) We drove back to my park, and I locked the bike onto my RV's bike rack, where it safely slept.

Today Ron has business and work tasks to which to attend, so I'm on my own. I went for my walk early and then took the bike down, logging 5 miles around the park, in just 3 laps -- big park!

I hope to see John and Leilani today, and I may, but no one answers their phone this morning.

I've left Maddy and Eddie in Tucson, where Jack is looking after them. I thought it would be nice for me to have a little petless time before the big trip back to Indiana, but I miss them! I keep thinking that I see Maddy on the floor, that I hear a little mew and see Eddie stretch. My walk this morning was odd, without Maddy's toenails tapping the pavement beside me.

I have not been blogging with my customary regularity, and I have no good excuse. However, I will say that last week I did get in a good hike up on the Tanque Verde Ridge trail, making it up to the Dome. All that's left of our Hiking Club now is Jack and me, since everyone else is back home now.

We also went together on a nice ride, going down Tanque Verde to Sabino Canyon Rd, and then up to River Road over to Craycroft. We got just a short distance on Craycroft when I wimped out. It was in the afternoon, and it was very, very warm, and I was just plain tired. The ride home was much less work than the trip out there, though!

I wish I could feel that I am strong enough for these physical endeavors. I *am* doing it, after all, and I'm doing far more than I ever have before. Even when Michael and I were cycling with regularity back in the early 90's, we would go 20 miles at the most, slowly, and with frequent breaks. And that was 10 years ago!

Thank you for asking how I am. :) I'm feeling good these days, having recovered completely from that episode of what I'm convinced was Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I believe it was this, not just because of the nature of the pain, but also because, following the pain episode, I had experienced off-and-very-on regularity, if you catch my not-so-delicate drift. And while IBS is considered to be a fluff diagnosis by some, it is a troublesome condition. I am fortunate that my episodes have been so rare in my life (beginning in about 1980), that I forget, between one and the next, what it feels like!