Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Owl in the Morning in the Moonlight

I didn't actually see the owl, but, over the din of the early-morning traffic, I could hear him clearly and close-by. I don't know what could possibly be more wonderful than awakening to the sound of an owl.

The day has been good. We began it with Wii Zumba in the Cactus Room, followed by breakfast and then exercise with Greg, a personal trainer who comes to our park and does a class involving strength and balance. I've come to the conclusion that, as we progress through life, if we don't work on strength, we lose what we have had. I surely don't want to lose what strength I have. Balance is another thing that we need to work on -- yes, you! I'm doing far better with both strength and balance since I've been going to Greg's class.

Jack and I went to the U of A campus today and took the shuttle to the bookstore and the Union Building. It's weird to be right in the same town with this great resource and not to explore it. So we explored a bit. It feels funny to feel so.... elderly... in the midst of all of the fresh-faced youth. We still had a good time, though.

I got my tablet hooked up to my laptop, and I played around a little with Photoshop yesterday. It felt good! Nothing worth sharing. ;)

Jack's banging around outside, working on some drawers for his closet. I think that he'd go crazy without some home-improvement project. I'm happy with my little hobbies -- my exercise, puzzles, games, art, music, and occasional cooking. Well, ok, I love home-improvement projects, too!