Friday, May 07, 2010

Chilly inside

... but hot outside! I guess I could turn my AC down a bit. I'm such a brat!
Today I tried Wii Fitness Coach, and I like it. I think that I'll have some sore muscles to show for it tomorrow. A bit later, I'll do some DDR. Have I said yet today how much I LOVE DDR? (That's a Wii thing -- the one the kid was doing on the YouTube video I posted a couple of days ago.)

Jack came over and I cleaned and dressed his surgical wound. It's looking great, and so is HE. Then we were off to get Mary, and she took us out to lunch. Then we were off for the real goal of the day -- the
Mini-Time Machine Museum. You cannot tell from this site how cool this place was! Our friends Bob and Claire had turned us on to this, and they KNOW cool places. Anyway, we had a great time, exploring all of the miniature houses, furnished in various styles, collections of ... all things miniature. It's a really neat experience.

Afterwards, we drove her to run a couple of errands and then I dropped Jack off so that he could have a nap!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Pink Flower

Hot day today in Tucson -- in the 90's. I'm starting to think that the rest of the world may be getting ready for us, and Jack and I are planning to leave here... soon! :) (You know how I hate to post *plans*, don't you?

Today was consumed with legal matters... again. I got a fistful of papers from the attorney in Bloomington -- stuff that I had to print and sign, and some of which I had to have notarized. This will all go to the court there, to prove that a) Michael did die; b) He did want me to be his heir; and c) I am that person whom Michael directed to take over for him when he died. Woop-de-doo, I guess, but this has to go before a judge and I have to get papers to attest to all of this.
So I printed off the papers, filled things in, signed in the blanks, and then got the appropriate ones notarized. Off to the post office and overnighted them back to Bloomington, where they will be opened tomorrow and the wheels will turn a bit more.
Next, I called the Honda dealer here to find out where my papers were for my registration for my new car. They do things a bit differently in AZ than they do in IN, where I've bought all my new cars before. Here, you have to get the license plate from the dealer, paying the appropriate fees, of course. Then, if you have a personalized plate (me!) you have to go to the license branch, apply for a refund on the personalized plate, and then they cancel the one you got from the dealer and .. you get to use the personalized one on your new car. This is, of course, after paying more fees! So I did it and that's done!
And, of course, I rocked the world on DDR this morning! :D

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Chollas are about to bloom!

Here's a cholla (pronounced CHAU-ya) which is about to bloom. These cacti are interesting to me, because they seem unpredictable in the colors of their blooms. This one's going to be blooming soon in a striking burgundy red!

Ok, you asked for it; you get it! Here's a photo of the desert in bloom. I was looking up a hill, I think on the Ventana Canyon hike.

Today was a great day. I started it, as usual, exercising on my Wii! Then I went and picked up Jack, and we went for a hike! This was an unconventional hike for us -- rather a stroll -- in downtown Tucson. There is a "trail" that's been laid out with turquoise paint across many blocks of the town, walking us past many familiar landmarks and historical spots. It was a fun walk!

And, as we walked, we looked up toward "A" Mountain, our western landmark. So... let's drive UP the mountain -- something neither of us had done! We walked all the way up to the A, which is HUGE. 160 feet tall, and 70 feet wide! From city level, the A looks like just something that's carved into the mountain, but.. not even close. It was built by U of A students in 1916, and every year it gets a new coating of paint!
I shot this photo from the base of the A:

Here I am standing by the A:
Next, we did another Tucson must-do, which I'd never done. We walked through the Snake Bridge! I took a few photos, but none as good as these:

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Desert Blooms

I've been busy! I've been working on getting the last of Jack's things out moved into his new place. This, of course, leaves behind empty spaces which need to be cleaned, so I'm doing that, too. He worked yesterday morning on getting his shelves built in his shed, so that his tools and supplies are all nicely organized. He's rightfully very proud of his new digs. :)

This morning, I cleaned out under my storage bed. I'd been collecting things that need to go back to Michigan, and I dug all these out. I packed away my keyboard for the summer, and got out Jack's mat-cutting equipment. Now my back hurts a bit.

We went to the westside to see his dermatologist ydy and enjoyed a bit of shopping at La Encantada. We always love Crate and Barrel, and had a great lunch at AJ's.

I've really been having fun with my Wii Dance Dance Revolution. I just now did 45 more minutes, and this morning did an hour. Anyone who wants to see what this looks like in real life will NOT see it in this video. LOL this is a kid who has likely spent more time doing this than I have. I'm not even close to this level. But it sort of gives you an idea of what this is.