Monday, July 05, 2010

Let's Make a Deal

Ok, so I don't usually sit and watch tube all day. But today, I was just sitting here watching one of my 4 channels. It was Let's Make a Deal, and, if you know how I love game shows, you will understand why I kept it on and watched it.

The host, Wayne Brady, stepped aside at one point, introducing the original host, the venerable and always-handsome Monte Hall. Hall's "job" was to choose someone and to make one deal. The deal was this: There was a board with 15 hidden values. Two of them were "Zonk" and the other 13 were dollar values. If the couple chose $1000 of money values, before hitting the Zonk, they would win a car.

So Randy and Chanelle chose, for their first card, a Zonk! Well, Monte, not to have his moment on the stage ended so prematurely, told them that, if they were to choose the OTHER Zonk in one more pull, they would STILL win the car. He also said that if they got a dollar value, that he'd double that and that'd be their consolation prize.

So they GOT the 2nd Zonk in their 2nd pull and won the car! (Monte uncovered all the other values at that point, showing us that, indeed, there WERE dollar values for the other cards.) LOL I was so excited that I had to blog about it!